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Enterprise Offices

Customized offices with 100 or more seats across a configured layout in fully-managed and fitted-out modes. Ideal for Corporates and Small & Medium Businesses.

Private Offices

Dedicated fully-managed enclosed offices in various configurations of upto 20 seats. Work well for startups and freelancers for whom physcial privacy is critical.

Coworking Desks

Fully managed desks in any number on open floor. Ideal for startups and freelancers looking to start up their business.

Meeting Rooms

Solution for firms looking to conduct meetings in a fully managed setting so its only their business that they get to focus on.

Virtual Office

Solution for firms starting up and looking to register and/or have a virtual presence out of a professionally managed office.

Daily Pass

Solution for that business traveller who is looking to work out of a professional setup for the day.


24x7 Access
Hi-speed Internet
24x7 Power
Conditioned Air
Hot Beverages
Vehicle Parking
Always Secure
Meeting Rooms
Packaged Drinking Water
Mail & Package Handling
Server Hosting
Provision for Expansion
Enterprise Office Customization
Networking Events

About Us

  • 5 Years
  • 7 Locations
  • 10 Hubs
  • 5000+ Seats
  • 320+ Businesses Enabled Till Date
Started in 2014, Incubex is our attempt at creating an ecosystem for enterprises, start-ups and entrepreneur community by providing that right workspace combined with the community experience that fosters innovation. Having a team that believes in this and has the ability to deliver it, has only helped us achieve and constantly improve at this.

From fully-managed Enterprise/Corporate Office to Plug-n-Play Coworking Solutions, we cover them all equally well. Vibrant, Well-connected, Comprehensively Serviced, Hassle-free, Clean, Community-focussed are some of the adjectives we believe go well with our workspaces but we'll let you be the judge of that based on your visit to any of our centers.

Icing on the cake is the choice of Key Locations our centers are based at. Check out Our Workspaces and Contact Us for queries, to discuss your requirement and/or to arrange your visit to our center(s). We would be glad to assist.

Meet Our Team

Member Photo

Techno-functional consultant who turned an avid entrepreneur and implemented his vision by co-founding Incubex.

Priyatosh Ranjan
Business and Marketing
Member Photo

Real estate subject matter expert with passion for streamlining operations and engaging people, co-founded Incubex.

Taju Abraham
Operations and Human Capital
Member Photo
I am a

Cross-domain techno-functional leader with expertise in delivering technology-enabled solutions for businesses globally.

Alap Uttamchandani
Products, Process and Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

From a single desk to any number. Explore our SOLUTIONS.
Incubex has its Hubs spread across most well-connected key locations of Bangalore. We currently have 10 hubs across MANYATA TECH PARK, LANGFORD ROAD, HSR LAYOUT, KORAMANGALA, INDIRANAGAR, BANNERGHATTA ROAD and SARJAPUR ROAD.
We understand workspace needs of various firms well through their lifecycle. While pricing varies by the hub in concern, we have solutions across our portfolio for every kind of firm. For more details please Contact Us with your requirement and we'll be happy to propose a solution for you.
We've thought of that and ensure that your additional workspace demand is taken care of. This ensures that you focus on growing your business without having to worry about the space to accomodate this growth.

Why Incubex?

  • Proven track record of working with 100+ Corporates & SME and 300+ Startups & Freelancers since 2014.
  • Well connected locations.
  • Flexibility to customize Enterprise Offices.
  • 10 prime locations with 5000+ seats.
  • Reliable smart plug-n-play offices backed by our robust services coverage.
  • Pricing that works for you.
  • Industrialized onboarding processes.
  • Partner support through your business' lifecycle.
  • Committed management team with aligned experience.

  • Incubex has been a fantastic choice for us. From the first moment we walked in to inspect the facility till date, the warmth of the management and staff has been commendable. The ecosystem of product partners, mentors that their leadership team has built is of tremendous value to any aspiring entrepreneur. Reasonably Priced, very cleanly maintained and the great location. What more would you want out in a co-working space?!
    Rajesh Krishna
    Founder & CEO, Bytamorph (www.bytamorph.com)
  • I have been working on my Start-Up at Incubex since November 2016. For me, the environment is very important. I need plenty of sunlight, spacious workspace, clean environment, perfect departmentalization among other things which were just perfect at Incubex. The staff is friendly and very helpful. They understand my needs and try to fulfil it to their maximum ability, which is something that always amazes me. The motivation to improve is what I love about Incubex.
    Ammar Falak
    Founder & CEO, Marcabees (www.marcabees.com)
  • Moving to Incubex turned out to be a smart move, enabling us to offload anything related to Infrastructure and focus on our priorities. Its run by some amazing staff available on the floor and always ready to help. I would strongly recommend startups to consider Incubex. The Incubex team constantly meets their commitment and strives to better thir solutions. Its this very spirit of theirs which makes them one of the best coworking spaces out there.
    Suresh Kumar Gokarakonda
    CEO, Dataken Technologies (www.dataken.net)
  • I remember meeting Priyatosh and Taju 2-3 years back. Very welcoming. Unfortunately being an NGO with many team members we couldn't use space for permanent basis. But Priyatosh has been kind enough to allow us to use it as and when needed for meetings and video shoot as well. The place is spacious and very well maintained. If you are looking for co-work space, then Incubex is the right choice:) Thank you for being the best!
    Prarthana Prateek Kaul
    Founder, GiftAbled (www.giftabled.org)
  • We have been at Incubex's Bannerghatta Road center for a year now and the experience has been amazing. Incubex has an outstanding team who have supported us in every possible way. Zeenat, the Center head at Bannerghatta Road, has especially been a huge help to us in every step along the way. The best part about Incubex is the turn-around time for any request we raised, they were addressed almost immediately. I highly recommend Incubex to any firm looking for co-working space.
    Gunjan Bhattacharyya
    CEO & Managing Director, Tecoy Infosystems
  • Our experience at Incubex has been nothing short of exciting and smooth. Incubex provides a fine balance between sharing space with some wonderful start-ups while maintaining the professional and calm environment we need for serious consulting business. Well-maintained office spaces at Incubex are appreciated both by our clients and fellow professionals. Add to it the prime location within Koramangala, and you have an office that matches your brief to the tee...
    Krishanu Bhattacharjee
    Founding Director, EMeRG Inc (www.emerg-inc.com)
  • Incubex for us is a ideal work space environment. Me and my team are happy with the location, the maintenance & the staff who manage it. As and when there are issues ( given the nature of infrastructure in India this does happen often) the team at Incubex has been very proactive with resolving and fixing them. I would recommend Incubex very highly as a partner who will help your business scale up with the minimum of distractions.
    Ranganath Thota
    Founder, Fuel A Dream (www.fueladream.com)
  • KIS has been using Incubex as a workspace for over a year now. As a fashion company, we needed a slightly different set up as compared to corporate offices. Incubex has allowed us to customise the space to our requirement. Very happy with the environment at the office, as well as the Incubex team that has supported us through our journey so far. Looking forward to taking the business to new heights at a wonderful office like this!
    Sushruthi Krishna
    Founder, Kiscover (www.kiscover.in)

Contact Us

Incubex Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

No. 126, KHB Colony,
Koramangala Layout,
Bangalore - 560095,
Karnataka, India.


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